Transportation in Russia at competitive prices

Transportation in Russia

Transportation in Russia

Transport company "AMG TRANS COMPANY " has everything that is necessary to ensure reliable regular transportation of any goods. The Company's specialists are trained to quickly, accurately, and effectively resolve any issues that may be associated with the transportation of cargo in Russia and abroad.

The main priority in the work is to provide with the highest standards of service taking into account the customers requirements. To do this, the Company provides a full range of logistics and transportation services, so the client does not need to apply to several organizations. This means saving both time and cost. It also helps to provide greater security and guarantee from a single organization.

Within the full range of services are included the following:

  • own fleet;
  • optimization of routes of transportation in Russia and other countries;
  • the preservation and maintenance of the conditions required for the goods during transportation;
  • the availability of experienced crews loading and unloading operations;
  • opportunities for clients to store goods in warehouses;
  • securing execution of documents;
  • the availability of the necessary permits, for example, pass in the Center of Moscow;
  • other necessary and important additions.

All this suggests that our clients can not worry about its product – the transportation of cargo in Russia will be implemented in the shortest possible periods and at the best prices.

Special attention is paid to maintaining good technical conditions of its own technical fleet. Experienced drivers and car mechanics always take care of the transport and regularly conduct technical inspection.

For more information about cars, their description and cost, you can visit the page "Fleet" and "Tariffs"