What kind of cargos are classified as “prohibited goods”?

What kind of cargos are classified as “prohibited goods”?

What kind of cargos are classified as “prohibited goods”?

Prohibited goods are considered to be the ones, that do not meet the quality, packaging, weight and other characteristic requirements applicable to transported goods.

What goods are prohibited for transportation in Russia?

There are a number of goods whose transportation is banned in the territory of the Russian Federation. These are the followings:

  • ✓ Jewellery, Russian or foreign cash money.
  • ✓ Animals, organs for transplantation.
  • ✓ Extinct and rare animals and plants.
  • ✓ Ancient cultural monuments.
  • ✓ Identification documents, which include the passport, employment record book, etc. (originals).
  • ✓ Artworks.
  • ✓ Encrypted devices.
  • ✓ Military equipment.
  • ✓ Perishable food.
  • ✓ All types of weapons (firearms, cold, gas, etc.).
  • ✓ Medicines of biological origin.

Some goods are allowed to be transported only with the permission of special authorities.

What goods are classified as "hazardous"

Dangerous /hazardous/ goods are the ones that can be harmful to the health of people or the environment in case of an accident or other traffic collision. They belong to the category of goods, which are either prohibited for transportation or require special documents and packaging when they are shipped.

Dangerous goods are classified according to their physicochemical features and the level of risk. The classification of dangerous goods is based on testing results by the UN.

Transportation of dangerous goods must be accompanied by a Declaration.

Typical examples of dangerous goods include the followings:

  • ✓ Various types of weapons.
  • ✓ Flammable fuel.
  • ✓ Corrosive substances.
  • ✓ Paints containing flammable components.
  • ✓ Different types of aerosols.
  • ✓ Solvents, adhesives, some types of fertilizers.
  • ✓ Car batteries that contain electrolyte.
  • ✓ Various materials that have toxic ingredients.
  • ✓ Psychotropic substances and drugs having a medical purpose.


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