What is marking of packages and when it is used?

What is marking of packages and when it is used?

What is marking of packages and when it is used?

Today shipping is very popular among our people. During transportation adequate marking is an indispensable component of the package. In order to prevent wrong delivery, accidents, losses or damage, each package unit must be marked with the required shipping marks correctly and completely.

Shipping marks can be defined as a symbol, word or number that is attached on to the each package unit for easy identification and handling of the cargo.

The symbols for package handling instructions are internationally standardized in GOST.

There are three types of transport markings:

  • ✓ Commodity. It indicates the name of the cargo, place and date of production.
  • ✓ Shipping. In this type of marking points of shipping and delivery, the total number of seats and weight (Net Gross).
  • ✓ Special (warning) marking contains information about warning labels and signs.
  • ✓ Transport marking indicates the number of places in the lot.
  • Marking is applied with waterproof paint. On small loads, the marking is applied on the top of the load, the rest - in the side.

    The marking of goods for the transport of dangerous goods must have a special danger label.

    How is the labeling deciphered?

    In order to decipher the marking, you must have the correct information that it carries. It is necessary not only to know why a certain sign is standing, but also to take into account exactly where a particular sign is located.


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