What is cross-docking in logistics?

What is cross-docking in logistics?

What is cross-docking in logistics?

Cross-docking is a series of logistics operations, whereby the receipt and delivery of goods is coordinated as accurately as possible and the product arrives at the destination within the agreed time. Cross-docking is especially effective for several types of products.

  • ✓ Foods with limited shelf life,
  • ✓ High quality products that do not require further verification during the admission process,
  • ✓ Products that have high demand,
  • ✓ Products to be delivered on time.

The following types of cross-docking are distinguished:

  • ✓ Cross-docking of one stage
  • ✓ Cross-docking consisting of two stages. In this case, the process consists of the following sub-steps:
    • ➣ Freight acceptance
    • ➣ Sorting
    • ➣ Sending to the customer.

The company AMG TRANS offers cross-docking services to its customers. The systematic work of the staff, the accuracy of the process, the availability of the necessary technical base and vast experience are the guarantee of the quality and efficiency of our work.


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