Movers services at competitive prices

Movers services

Movers services

the maximum number of movers for one car - 3 people.
Min.ordering with lift 1400 RUB (4 hours) Hour cost 350 RUB. DOP. hour 300 rubles.
Min.ordering without a lift 1600 RUB (4 hours) The cost of an hour 400 RUB. DOP. hour 350 RUB.

Also for calculating the cost of services movers we offer our calculator

When it comes to moving or transporting cargo from one object to another, necessarily raises the question of who will carry out loading and unloading operations. This aspect is very important in the process of transporting furniture, equipment, or complex equipment, because of operational success directly depends on the integrity and safety of high value targets.

Company "AMG TRANS COMPANY " offers customers the services of professional movers . For the best rates you can order the execution of loading and unloading operations and to be sure that everything will go flawlessly. Depending on the nature of the order and scope of work, "AMG TRANS COMPANY " provides the necessary number of specialists that can operate both short-and long-term basis. In addition, it is possible to work without time limit, at a fixed rate.

Services of professional movers of the company "AMG TRANS COMPANY " have the following advantages:

  • Efficiency. The speed of loading and unloading a direct impact on the efficiency of any transportation. The staff of "AMG TRANS COMPANY " in the shortest terms will produce work without being distracted by long pauses and numerous breaks.
  • Accuracy. Professional employees know how expensive and valuable can be transported objects, so special attention and careful approach to fulfillment of each order.
  • Qualification. If the specialist works in a company "AMG TRANS COMPANY " , so he had appropriate training. This rule applies to all staff, including porters.
  • Physical endurance. When ordering services of professional movers , a customer should be sure the appropriate training of employees. Company "AMG TRANS COMPANY " provides its customers a guarantee that any object, regardless of weight and size to be loaded or discharged competently and quickly.

In addition to loading and unloading services, customers "AMG TRANS COMPANY " can take advantage of such types of lifting work, as setting the object on the motor vehicle and cargo fasteners. The company is the special equipment for oversized cargo, low loaders, mobile cranes of various capacities. All this is the key to effective and successful activities aimed at meeting the needs of customers.