Transportation in Moscow and MO

Transport company "AMG TRANS COMPANY" provides high-quality and fast transportation across Moscow and Moscow region. Managers take into account the needs…

Transportation in Russia

Transport company "AMG TRANS COMPANY" has all necessary to ensure reliable regular transportation of any goods. The Company's specialists are trained to…

Auto transport

Every year between
borders become more open and the distances are not of particular deciding factor for international companies. Thanks to the "AMG…

What we offer

Services of international road transport of whole or collective cargoes may be supplemented by the preparation of customs documentation. Our experienced professionals will help to competently draw up all necessary documents, optimize costs and arrange inexpensive transportation. Experience in organization of deliveries to the CIS and Europe allows to use the routes proven by years work, which greatly accelerates the fulfillment of orders, minimizes transportation costs while maintaining the highest standards of service.

Юридическое сопровождение

Legal support

Our company is ready to take care of complete safety in collaboration with manufacturers. The service guarantees complete security, negates the financial risks and saves your time.

Воздушные и наземные перевозки

Air and roadway transportation

We have direct contracts and agreements with the largest airlines in the world that give additional guarantees of cargo safety and the optimal price scheme for air transportation.

Хранение грузов

Storage of goods

Safekeeping of the company "AMG - TRANS" – is the best solution for those who don't need to stock a large square. The customer can easily cut costs on the content of the cargo by executing a lease of a small plot. The cost of services is calculated individually for each client, based on the peculiar properties of the goods.

Онлайн калькулятор

Online calculator

The represented service gives the opportunity to visually see how cheap transportation in Russia is carried out by our company. Along the way, it will advance to anticipate and plan the transportation costs. Calculation of the delivery by trucks is made to a single recipient. Moreover, you can specify up to five different routes.


We cover various industries, ranging from food and beverage, chemicals, retail products, products with long shelf-lives and many more. Check out the full list.



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  • Applying for the carriage of goods
  • Individual assessment of freight costs
  • Signing of the contract-application for the carriage of goods
  • Assembling cargo for transportation and warehousing
  • Preparation for transportation, packing and shipping
  • Receiving cargo from the warehouse or delivery to the address

Freight – amg trans

Transportation of goods is the primary activity of the Company "AMG TRANS COMPANY".

The rolling stock presents a modern, always technically sound cars with carrying capacity up to 20 tons and volume up to 86 cubic meters. In the fleet are curtain-sided vehicles with top or side loading for the transportation of any consumer goods or delivery in Moscow construction supplies and materials. Also, there are insulated vans and refrigerated trucks for transportation of perishable goods, those that require maintenance of constant temperature.

Efficient operation is ensured by:

  • a vast experience in cargo transportation
  • highly qualified specialists, both managerial and drivers;
  • the availability of professional loading crews;
  • own fleet of vehicles allowing to transport goods from 1 to 20 t;
  • own warehouses, ensuring safety and compliance with the required storage conditions of goods.
  • Calculator to calculate the cost of transportation online!
Բեռնափոխադրումներ– amg trans.
Բեռնափոխադրումներ– amg trans.

Our goal

The main goal of the Company "AMG TRANS COMPANY" is providing a high standard of service for the transportation of goods with an individual approach to each client. This allows to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the customers and monitor the quality of transportation, thereby providing improved delivery.

The geography of the Company's work is diverse – cargo transportation across the regions of Moscow and transportation in Moscow, also freight across Russia. An important advantage is the presence of the pass in the center of Moscowthat allows to easily deliver goods in the shortest possible periods with no additional cost. Transportation in the Lyuberetsky district is performed as quickly as possible.


Our clients

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Our goal
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