Cargo transportation in Moscow and MO Transportation in Moscow and MO at competitive prices

Transportation in Moscow and MO

Cargo transportation in Moscow and MO Transportation in Moscow and MO

Transport company "AMG TRANS COMPANY " provides high-quality and fast transportation of goods across Moscow and Moscow region . Managers take into account the needs of each client, providing quality services. At the request of local transportation or direct delivery to the field can be insured.

Any transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region are carried out in strict accordance with the Charter of motor transport of the Russian Federation and all Rules of transportation.

The company can easily solve all the problems of providing transportation for both small private clients and large enterprises.

Customers for which trucking services are regular expenditure items, can get our full range of services, including:

  • the presence of warehouses, which are fully equipped with all you need;
  • security and compliance storage and transportation;
  • the availability of professional loading crews who can handle handling equipment and carefully related to the goods of the client;
  • experienced managers specializing in logistics on city and region;
  • the availability of the necessary permits;
  • modern fleet of trucks that allows to carry out any transport of goods in Moscow and Moscow region from 1 ton .

The fleet, which is always maintained in good working condition, has the following required units:

  • Gazel car with a load capacity of 2.5 tons, allowing to transport bulky loads up to 20 cubic meters;
  • pyatitonnik that can accommodate the volume up to 30 cubic metres;
  • dicationic that allows you to upload loads of up to 40 cubic metres;
  • the tarp covered wagon – 20 tons of 86 cubic meters;
  • the truck thermos – 20 tons of 86 cubic meters;
  • refrigerated truck – 20 tons of 86 cubic meters.

It allows to transport virtually any cargo in the region.

We should also note that our Company has in stock a pass in the center of Moscow. This means that working with us, the customer will not have to overload your cargo, and therefore, this will save time, money and ensure greater preservation of the cargo.

The experience of managers allows to find the optimal route for motor transport in Moscow and Moscow region , that will save shipping time, and therefore boost your profits.

Customers Lyubertsy, Kraskovo, Korenevo, Kraskovo, Malakhovka, Kotelniki, Dzerzhinsky, Lytkarino, Oktyabrskaya or other settlement, Lyubertsy district, may be eligible for a discount on transport services.