Carriage of goods - Malakhovka at competitive prices

Carriage of goods - Malakhovka

Company AMG TRANS COMPANY carries out transportation in Malakhovka.

Our services for the carriage of goods can take advantage of firms located in Malakhovka, and the inhabitants of the village of Malakhovka.

Delivery, furniture, raw materials, goods in Kansas city and from Kansas city is carried by road to different tonnage.

The average volume of cargo transportation carried out by cars Gazelle , or analogs. Transportation building chemistry through the village take the Trucks. For international and intercity cargo transportation from Malakhovka large amounts without the truck to do.

The cost of transportation Malakhovka you can see the rates or to calculate online the calculator of transportation.

Freight Malakhovka performed by experienced drivers with many years of trouble-free operation.

We serve not only clients of Malakhovka, but also the neighboring villages MEZ, Mikhnevo, Electropolis, Specific, Vyalki and the town of Zhukovsky.