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Delivery of cargoes - Moscow - Yerevan

Tariffs for cargo transportation

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Load capacity (tons)Type of vehicleLoad volume (m³)Cost
10 реф/тент 40-47 2500
20 реф 82-86 3800
20 тент 86-95 3300

Company AMG TRANS COMPANY carries out transportation, shipping and sending goods marked "urgent". Carried break bulk and bulk cargoes as well as bulk and in containers. Delivered safely even the most delicate product, tanks with wine to large, technically complex equipment.

To calculate the value of a particular cargo by weight and volume, take advantage of our ⇨ Calculator.

We specializiruetsya for urgent delivery, so the machine will come to you as quickly as possible, even if you make order tonight.

You'll choose the right machine from the Gazelle to 1.5 tons 10 m3 trucks up to 20 tons of 82-120 m3. There are trawls. Taken as over dimensional and oversized cargoes.

For small goods, we offer the services of their movers. Individual approach, alteration of the machine in the product. In the Arsenal of the plastic tabs craftmaster, barrels, boxes.

For emergency transportation of expensive goods using specially equipped machinery, logistics technology that have developed over the years of our work in the market.


Distance: 2200 km

Journey time: 70 - 120 hours

Time of delivery: 10 - 15 days

The point of delivery of the goods: Yerevan, Araratyan St. 62/23

Nearby cities: Gyumri, Vanadzor

The price of our services is determined individually, taking into account the distance of transportation and characteristics of the shipment.

Prices will pleasantly delight you as we pursue a policy of affordability for every client. The advantage of our company is individual solutions that allows you to 100% guarantee the quality and prompt execution of our commitments. Order Express shipping or shipping Moscow - Yerevan today!

Fill in the application form on our website and get the discount from 3% to 5% !


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