Sea freight at competitive prices

Sea freight

Sea freight

For Intercontinental transportation of raw materials, goods and equipment normally used Maritime transport. Its main advantages are the absence of significant limitations to the parameters and type of the property, as well as low cost services.

Currently, Maritime transport of goods are performed with the use of different equipment and a wide range of services, which enables us to provide the service on time and efficiently. Group of companies AMG - TRANS serves the key routes from the Russian Federation, countries of Near and Far East, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. International container shipping is carried out from China, USA, Korea, European and other States. To optimize costs, customers are offered multimodal transport, making assets more affordable without sacrificing quality service.

Transport of containers by sea transport is carried out with the control of goods and dispatch support, thanks to which the customer has access to information about the actual promotion of the property. High professionalism of employees of the group AMG - TRANS and established schemes of work allow us to offer optimally balanced version of the movement of raw materials, goods and equipment.

The cost of Maritime transport, the conditions of loading, and other information on request specialists Fesco. Contact us by phone or email.

If you are interested to receive or send goods by sea, among the proposals of the group of companies you will be able to find a satisfying all the introductory data.