Air travel in Stavropol - cargo delivery low price

Air cargo Moscow - Stavropol

Transport company "AMG TRANS COMPANY" will send your goods in the city of Stavropol air. We collaborate with major airlines and is ready to organize the delivery of cargo of any size and weight flight Moscow-Stavropol.

We will choose an optimum variant of delivery of cargo in terms of price - time and send your cargo via Charter or scheduled flight.

We will provide additional to the airfreight services: get the goods road transport from your warehouse in Russia and deliver it to the airport, and execute all necessary documents. According to the rules of air cargo shipping to Stavropol must be Packed in a special way. Our specialists will take care of the packaging of air cargo for its safety. For extra peace of mind, You can use the insurance service transportation.

Customs clearance is required for air travel abroad. We relieve you of the hassle of taking this procedure on yourself.

Тарифы на авиадоставку груза из Москвы в Stavropol:

Price for 1 kg Direction Stavropol
Minimum weight 30
Normal weight 67,5
Flowers 82,4
Alive. alive. 121,5
Dangerous Cargo 1 Х
Dangerous Goods class 9 Х
Heavyweight From 80 to 199 kg 83,7
From 200 and more 86,4
Note the volume ratio фактический вес

Execution of the air waybill - 1200 R.

Collection of goods in Moscow is 3500 rubles

The tariff in the direction of MVL enabled Carrier tariff - rate VAT 0%, other service charges listed without VAT. The rate includes cargo handling and terminal fee at the airport of departure. Rates are excluding charges for terminal services at the airport of arrival. The consignee shall at his own expense to pay these tariffs and charges.

Additionally feasible packing, delivery to airport,insurance and customs clearance.

It is also possible to send dangerous, oversized, perishable goods.

More information about tariffs and conditions of carriage you can learn by phones: +7(495)760-69-69

Alternatively, air transport can offer transportation of cargo to Russia by road, и trucking abroad

Full list cities, delivery by air.

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