Basic requirements to storage facilities

Basic requirements to storage facilities

Basic requirements to storage facilities

Warehouses serve to store various types of goods.

These are the main types of warehouses

  • ✓ Material. These warehouses are designed to store and deliver valuable materials.
  • ✓ Specialized. Serve to preserve various manufacturing materials.
  • ✓ Open. Open areas that serve to preserve goods (cargo) that are not damaged by external influences.
  • ✓ Half –open. In contrast to open areas, there is a canopy to protect the materials stored in the area from external influences.
  • ✓ Closed. Products stored in these rooms are protected from external influences.
  • ✓ Underground. These types of warehouses are designed to store flammable materials, flammable liquids and materials.

Basic requirements to storage conditions

The general requirements for all types of storage areas are the following

  • ✓ Equipment with fire extinguishing systems and fire alarms.
  • ✓ Provision with water supply, heating and ventilation systems. Storage areas should have a telecommunication system.
  • ✓ Warehouses must have a fence, locking gates providing access and exit to vehicles.
  • ✓ Warehouses must comply with the sanitary standards adopted in the Russian Federation.
  • ✓ Entrances and loading areas should be isolated and in good condition.

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