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pass in the center of Moscow

pass in the center of Moscow

Storage of goods in the warehouse of "AMG TRANS COMPANY"

Storage of goods in the warehouse  begins immediately after the takeover by an authorized technician . The company makes every effort to ensure comfortable conditions of storage without compromising the quality of the goods, customer appeal of the products  are maintained. This ensures continuity and rhythm of the movement of goods on the designated schedule and at the appointed place .

Quite often customers, which make  economic calculations  find out that the storage of goods in warehouses is a more cost-effective solution in terms of optimization of  the financial costs . After all, the funds invested in commodities,  will be released on the realization of goods to the final customers. Therefore, in order to quicken the turnover of commodities and thus get money sooner,  you need to reduce the storage of goods to a minimum. The quantity of goods , of course, must be determined by the current market conditions , as well as  by the opportunities of the shipper to perform regular delivery.

Storage of goods in our warehouse involves the following:
• Organization of the required storage space according to the customer's requests ;
• product placement , taking into consideration all the necessary characteristics : size, weight , regular shipments , value and other characteristics ;
• ensuring and maintaining all the necessary storage conditions;
• ensuring full protection of goods ;
•performing the stock count and monitoring
• providing the movement of goods throughout the warehouses;
•  enabling  the use of the necessary handling equipment .

All customers who need transportation and storage of goods, should seriously consider the necessity of using a professional company that knows how to make its customers' businesses more profitable. After all, using this opportunity , you will not only save your financial resources on  renting or buying private  warehouses , but also reduce staff whom you will  need to pay wages , as well as eliminate  the need to purchase additional cargo storage equipment and other expenses.

Transportation and storage of goods - is the main activity of  "AMG Trans Company". Therefore, the main efforts  are made  to improve the quality of service while minimizing the cost for each client.

Перевозки грузов по Москве и Московской области

Carriage of Goods in Moscow and Moscow region weight from one ton.

международные перевозки грузов

Integers carriage and consolidated cargo transportations.

услуги грузчиков

Services of professional loaders

такелажные работы, хранение товара на складах

Secure storage of goods in warehouses

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