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pass in the center of Moscow

pass in the center of Moscow

Transportation in Moscow and Moscow region

Carriage of goods  in  Moscow and Moscow region, beginning from 1 tonne.
"AMG TRANS COMPANY" provides fast and high quality shipping from 1 tonne in Moscow and Moscow region. Managers take into account the needs of each client by providing high quality services. The local transportation or address delivery may be insured.
Any transportation in Moscow and the region is  carried out in strict accordance with the automobile transportation Charter of the Russian Federation and all transportation regulations .

The company will ensure the transportation of any cargo to both private customers and large enterprises.
Customers for whom cargo trucks are a regular item of expenditure can get the full range of our services including :
• availability of warehouses, which are fully equipped with everything you need ;
• ensuring safety and compliance with conditions of  storage and  transportation of goods ;
• availability of professional loading crews , who can handle the loading machinery and  be careful  with the load of the client;
• Experienced managers , specialized in logistics in the city and region ;
• Availability of necessary permits ;
• modern fleet of vehicles to carry out any cargo in Moscow and Moscow region  from 1 tonne.

Truck fleet , which is always maintained in good working condition and has the necessary items , such as:
• Gazelle cars with capacity of up to 2.5 m, allowing to transport bulky loads up to 20 cubic meters ;
• 5-tonne truck, accommodating the volume up to 30 cubic meters;
• 10-tonne truck,  allowing to load  up to 40 cubic meters cargo;
• covered truck - 20 tons of 86 cubic meters;
• thermos  truck - 20 tons of 86 cubic meters;
• refrigerator truck  - 20 tons of 86 cubic meters.

This allows you to carry almost any load in the region.
We should note that our Company has  passes  to  the center of Moscow . This means that working with us, the customer will not have to overload your cargo , and hence it will save time and finances to ensure greater safety of the cargo.
Experience allows managers to find the best route for the carriage in the Moscow region , saving the time of delivery , and thus speed up the receipt of your income.
Customers Lyuberets, Tomilino, Korenevo, Kraskovo, Malakhovka, Kotelnikov, Dzerzhinsky, Lytkarino, Octyaberskiy or another locality Lubertsy district can have discounts on transport services .

Перевозки грузов по Москве и Московской области

Carriage of Goods in Moscow and Moscow region weight from one ton.

международные перевозки грузов

Integers carriage and consolidated cargo transportations.

услуги грузчиков

Services of professional loaders

такелажные работы, хранение товара на складах

Secure storage of goods in warehouses

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