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pass in the center of Moscow

pass in the center of Moscow

точка в пределах МКАДinside MKAD

точка в пределах ТТКinside TTK

точка в пределах Картыother

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Cargo carriage by "AMG TRANS COMPANY"

Cargo carriage  is the main field of activity of  "AMG TRANS COMPANY". Effective performance is provided by:
• the huge experience in the field of  goods transportation
• both highly qualified managers and drivers
• the presence of professional loading crews
• our own truck fleet , allowing transport loads from 1 to 20 tonees
• own warehouses , which provide safety and compliance with the required conditions of storage.

furaRoad transport vehicles are  modern , always technically dodged-up, with a load capacity of 20 tonnes and up to 86 cubic meters. In our truck fleet we have  covered trucks with top or side loading cargo  designed for transportation of any consumer or construction goods or  materials. Also, there are insulated vans and refrigerators  designed  for transportation of perishable goods as well as those that require a constant temperature . More information about cars and their characteristics can be found on the page " Car " (link ) .
The main purpose of the  "AMG TRANS COMPANY" is to ensure high standards of service for the carriage of goods with an individual approach to each client. This allows to build  a long-term , mutually beneficial relationship with the customer and monitor the quality of cargo, thereby ensuring improvement of delivery quality.

autoparkThe geography of the Company's activity is diverse - that is the transportation of goods inside  the Moscow region and Moscow (link) , as well as trucking in the whole territory of Russia (link). An important advantage is the availability of passes to the center of Moscow , allowing an unimpeded access of goods as soon as possible and  at no additional cost .
International transportation services (link) by road  of  whole cargo or package  freight may be supplemented by custom documentation . Our experienced specialists will help you competently fill in all the necessary documents and to optimize the costs .
Experience in organizing deliveries to the CIS and Europe allows to use of routes, tried and tested for years ,which significantly quickens the execution of orders, minimizes transport expenses , while maintaining the highest standards of service.

Перевозки грузов по Москве и Московской области

Carriage of Goods in Moscow and Moscow region weight from one ton.

международные перевозки грузов

Integers carriage and consolidated cargo transportations.

услуги грузчиков

Services of professional loaders

такелажные работы, хранение товара на складах

Secure storage of goods in warehouses

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