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pass in the center of Moscow

pass in the center of Moscow

Freight handler services

When it comes to moving or transporting cargo from one point to another, necessarily the question of who will carry out loading and unloading operations rises.

This point is very important in the process of moving furniture , equipment or complicated equipment , as  the rapid, successful turnaround depends on the integrity and safety of expensive facilities."AMG TRANS COMPANY" offers services of professional movers. At optimal rates such service may be ordered , so you can be sure that everything will go perfectly. Depending on the specifics of the order and the amount of work, "AMG TRANS COMPANY" provides the necessary number of professionals who can carry out their activities on short and long term basis. Also, with no time limit  work is on offer, at a fixed rate .

"AMG TRANS COMPANY" professional movers services have the following advantages:
• Efficiency . The speed of loading and unloading has a direct impact on the effectiveness of any type of cargo carriage. . "AMG Trans Company" staff will perform the operation in the shortest period without making  long pauses and numerous breaks.
• Accuracy . Professional employees know how expensive and valuable objects have to  be transported , so they will pay  special attention and care designed to fulfill each order.
• Qualification . If the expert works for "AMG Trans Company", then he has  received instructions. This rule applies to all workers , including longshoremen.
• Physical stamina. Ordering the services of professional movers , the client must be confident that they have passed special trainings. "AMG TRANS COMPANY" gives its customers a guarantee that any object , regardless of weight and dimensions , will be shipped and unloaded quickly and professionally.

Besides loading and unloading services,  "AMG TRANS COMPANY" customers can enjoy such types of rigging as setting the object on the vehicle and cargo lashing .

команда грузчиков команда грузчиков команда грузчиков команда грузчиков команда грузчиков
Перевозки грузов по Москве и Московской области

Carriage of Goods in Moscow and Moscow region weight from one ton.

международные перевозки грузов

Integers carriage and consolidated cargo transportations.

услуги грузчиков

Services of professional loaders

такелажные работы, хранение товара на складах

Secure storage of goods in warehouses

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