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pass in the center of Moscow

pass in the center of Moscow

International road transport of whole or package freight

Modern trade relations are difficult to imagine without cooperation with foreign partners. Import and export of any product is a factor  of a dynamically developing  business which does not stand in one place , and is rapidly expanding , constantly conquering new heights.

In order to make the business relations function effectively and provide a benefit we often need to address to the services of International road transport of whole or package freight. This truly makes sense, as nowadays only with the help of modern transportation transactions of purchase and sale of any , even the most complex , large and bulky goods can be carried out.

"AMG TRANS COMPANY" has been operating since 2010 , performing dozens of orders every day , and reaffirming its impeccable reputation . Every customer which has addressed to the company can count on an individual approach: all the international shipment is performed  with respect to the specifics of the transported object as well as the required timing and optimal route.

Road transport is considered to be  one of the most convenient types of transport, regardless of distance . It is characterized by the following advantages:
• Efficiency . While  aircraft, railway and maritime  transport have to  follow specific schedules , cars can move to the destination point round-the-clock choosing the most convenient and shortest route.
• Ability to deliver all kinds of cargo . Cars  allow transporting objects of any size , from small boxes to large, complex , heavy industrial equipment.
• Cost effectiveness. The priority of road transport are both the attractive and comfortable prices.

International road transport of whole or package freight means that the customer can send or receive from another country almost any commodity. Transportation of the whole load suggests that the vehicle will take only one specifically indicated object. Package freight consists of several orders, following in the same direction , perhaps to different recipients and from different senders. No matter what type of transportation the client chooses -

"AMG TRANS COMPANY" guarantees flawless performance at the highest level!


Перевозки грузов по Москве и Московской области

Carriage of Goods in Moscow and Moscow region weight from one ton.

международные перевозки грузов

Integers carriage and consolidated cargo transportations.

услуги грузчиков

Services of professional loaders

такелажные работы, хранение товара на складах

Secure storage of goods in warehouses

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